About Abake De Rosa

About Abake De Rosa

Who is Abake De Rosa ?

A Citizen of the world, that’s how she wants to be considered. A woman who does not want to be connected to a starting point and wants to go everywhere. If we force things she ends up letting go without further details that she comes from West Africa. Eldest of a family of 5 children, Abake De Rosa has 01 sister and 03 brothers. Passionate about country music and tennis, she has a hard time pronouncing on her father. The departure of the latter from the land of the living is not the reason. She justifies her attitude by the absence of her father by her side at a young age because he was busy working. The one she never tires of talking about is her mother. Abake De Rosa considers her mother as an example. Smile to the lips she confides with great joy the moments passed by her side when she used to accompany her to the market selling items. She was a trader and she learned it from her mother.

If she is known today for her temperance, it is important to specify that this has not always been the case. She likes to say that at a time in her life, she was a turbulent little girl. Time and age make some people to be matured, and Abake De Rosa has been stung by the virus. The turbulent little girl who touches everything became weak. Growing up, she became more studious until finishing her studies …

Where does the name Abake De Rosa come from?

Our citizen of the world in the desire to discover and the quest for a well-being has been transported by the wave of exploration to the United States. In America, during a conference, she meets her husband whom makes her become Abake De Rosa.

What are Abake De Rosa’s aspirations ?

The American land has helped her to be accomplished, both professionally and personally. The girl Abake De Rosa now a wife and mother ended up realizing that her greatest achievements were those she made and gave birth to. You may have fun asking her why. She will answer you with a slightly cheerful look that it simply needs to be a parent to know why.

And it is from her treasures that the idea of establishing Abake’s foundation that she leads today has come. Going back to the genesis of the foundation, she says that one day at home wanting to feed one of her little ones, there was like a flash. For a moment her thoughts turned to the children who needed to feed themselves but whose parents, even though present, were unable to meet this basic need. Gradually the idea grew and gave birth to Abake’s Foundation, which is now ten years old. Abake De Rosa is among those who believe that change is possible and that the extraordinary can still be done. Abake means “Child to be cherished” in a West African regional language.

Children, as she knows, are the future. Educated, cared for, nourished and accompanied, the world will have given them the essentials for extraordinary achievements. Abake DeRosa does not intend to remain indifferent to this call, but through her foundation, she is not only going to cherish the children, but through her previous achievements and future projects you will have an idea.