Establishment of Abake's Foundation

Establishment of Abake’s Foundation

Based on the values ​​of piety, generosity and sharing, Abake’s Foundation has set itself the moral compass of working constantly to ensure the well-being of the poor and disadvantaged. As privileged partners in the development of Benin, Abake’s Foundation works tirelessly for the reduction of poverty. She has been positively illustrated by her numerous actions of generosity and humanitarian assistance to the most disadvantaged sections.

Thus, in October 2009, on the occasion of the celebration of the canonization of the sister Jeanne Jugan of the Catholic Church, pioneer of the little sisters of the poor. Abake’s Foundation, through a gift of living, participated in the reception that succeeded Monsignor Mickaël Brum’s Mass. Thus, this American foundation has assisted the elderly people maintained by this religious center. Modest assistance was shown through a donation of sacks of rice, beef, cartons of canned drinks, tomatoes, cubes, tarpaulins and chairs.

Abake’s Foundation posited Monday, February 21, 2011, the laying of the foundation stone of the largest polyclinic of Benin in Akassato; a district of the town of Abomey-Calavi in ​​Benin. A project that is to its credit and will be at the end of its realization, the greatest achievement of this foundation in Benin since its creation. This will put an end to the ill-health evacuations in Benin and will save the taxpayers money for the realization of this project. With a global price of more than 28 billion CFA francs, about 43 million euros and 52 million and half US dollars.

In summary, Abake DeRosa through the Abake’s Foundation that she leads is one of those rare people who give all they have for the advancement of the most disadvantaged set of people in the world and especially in Africa. With the hundreds of millions of dollars in donations, Abake DeRosa through the Abake’s Foundation that she leads does not want to stop there because according to her, the way is still long and the battle for the well-being of all also proves harsh. The most specific details can be found on the Abake’s Foundation website.