Establishment of Abake's Crafts

Establishment of Abake’s Crafts

Culture a stepping stone for economic and social development.

No one ignores the wealth contained in the diversity of African culture. In every country, Africa always has something to spare. Dance, music, painting, works of art, tradition etc …, it is full of enormous potentialities. Conscious or not of this reality, the lack of valuation is present.

Africa, a buoyant market at many levels, is still lagging behind in many sectors that can contribute to its development. While many actions are being taken by governments in the energy, technology, education and health sectors, those in the cultural field seem to be relegated to the background.

In order to make people aware of, preserve and enhance their cultural heritage, Abake DeRosa is setting up a platform on which artisans and their art works will be in the limelight. From all over the world the foundation will make you visit and discover all the richness of African art. The artisans of Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast Niger, open the doors of their shops on the continent. Purchases in lines are planned, if the heart tells you you will leave with some art works.